WiFi Service Management Platform

OlaTech Solutions’ Epiphany Wi-Fi Subscriber Platform (WSP) or WiFi Service Management Platform is an innovative and customizable solution that enables venue owners and enterprises to build personalized engagement platform with existing as well as prospective customers using wireless internet network. Epiphany WSP has been designed to provide seamless on-boarding experience to customers visiting at public venues and accessing Wi-Fi.

The WiFi Service Management Platform solution is capable to identify the location of the customer and based on the usage trends, it can provide in-depth information about the customers’ usage trends, access frequency and purchase interests. With the help of in-depth information of the customer, superior Wi-Fi experience and brand focused compelling deals can be offered. The solution offers innovative Wi-Fi monetization business cases which help in offering differentiating experience to customers. EpiphanyWSP is a scalable, customizable, and flexible solution which can be personalized as per your business segment and requirements.

Epiphany WiFi Subscriber platform is the crucial glue between the wireless network and the core network / OSS/BSS systems. This is where services are created and personalized; and where polices are defined to control which users access the Internet, their service level and billing. Epiphany WSP includes modules for RADIUS, Subscriber Management, Partner Management, Server Management, Plan Management, Content Management, Web portals, Statistics & Reporting, and Rating & Charging.

Epiphany WSP supports both B2C and B2B business models. The Epiphany WSP creates, aggregates and exports billing data. In addition to important pre-integrated functionality for rapid deployments, there is a fully flexible modularity and many native interfaces to integrate to additional external systems of choice.

Key Features:

Seamless Access, Authentication and Authorization: Enables support for validation based on MAC-ID, credentials such as username & password, voucher details, One Time Password (OTP), MSISDN, via Captive Portal and authorizes them for appropriate level of services. It also provides proxy AAA support in case of roaming or redirection to other partner networks.

Captive Portal & Mobile App: Offers a web-based authentication captive portal for subscriber self-service sign up and to configure WLAN. It is compatible with all major OS with easily customisable GUI for branding and advertising. The mobile app with personalised and customised services makes customer engagement faster and easier.

Real Time Charging: Enables differential policy application (time, volume, quota, QoS, location etc.) in real time.

Location Based Services: Identify user’s existing location in real time based on geography, network attributes, device, location capture client etc. Categorize user locations at granularity based on multiple parameters like user profile, usage, demographic etc. and notify them with customized & personalized location specific information on promotions, deals, discounts etc. on customizable mobile apps, emails and portals.

Public WiFi
Epiphany WSP for connected smart cities serves as the establishment for delivering next-gen innovative services empowering government, businesses, and citizens by addressing the most critical issues of connectivity on-the-go. EpiphanyWSP with pre-integrated, partnered IT and network infrastructure brings together a diverse ecosystem experience which helps the cities to roll-out new business models across various segments for better connectivity and improved quality of life.

Support for multiple payment methodologies
Interoperable with leading payment gateways, the platform enables payment facilities via several methods such as online credit /debit card, physical payment, deduction from existing prepaid balance, IVR based payment over HTTP, USSD based.

Subscriber Analytics:
Helps in gaining insights and trends to determine traffic patterns, usage & device behaviour, activities over Wi-Fi thus enabling operators with business intelligence by generating dashboard-based analytics reports through Analytics module.