Policy Management

Epiphany Policy Management Software makes policy enforcement decisions in real time based on the services, applications, network resources, subscriber profile and service level agreement to ensure QoS and bandwidth allocation. Service provider shall launch the service plans, where the Service level definition lies with Epiphany Policy Management Software. A subscriber may have multiple additional subscriptions at any point of time, in addition to or on top of the basic plan. It allows to define new services, modify the existing one and even delete the offered services under authorized username and password. Epiphany Policy Management System supports RADIUS protocol on both IPv4 and IPv6 for both Post-paid and pre-paid customer access.

Our Policy Management System offers smart data cap plans like Fair usage wherein varied plans are launched which are differentially priced as per customer base segment. Fair usage supports features like bandwidth throttle on reaching or exceeding a predefined usage limit, Notifications via SMS / email (e.g. at 70%, 80%, and 90% of Quota) via Notification module on reaching threshold usage or on Quota exhaust and so on. It also enables the feature of redirecting to Self-Care Portal in order to upgrade or modify the plan / service.

Epiphany Policy Manager Gateway module manages all the instances and clients along with the subscriber licenses. Policy Management Tool gives an operator the flexibility to integrate with multiple network clients and multiple instances can be created to handle the traffic.

Epiphany Policy Management Tool has a Policy Engine that enables service providers to launch and manage subscriber experience based on multiple dimensions of subscriber and network behaviour. Thus, policies can be configured based on location, service, subscriber plan, applications/services accessed and network elements.

For this, the Policy Engine integrates with various systems in Service Provider Ecosystem such as Charging, Billing, AAA, BNG, etc. In order to integrate with all these components, Epiphany Policy Manager supports multiple adapters such as RADIUS, WebServices (Rest APIs), etc.