Data Center Infrastructure Management

Epihany DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) is a hybrid infrastructure management platform aggregating information from facilities, devices and IT systems providing in-depth visibility of collocated assets within multiple datacenters and cloud facilities.

Whether you are an enterprise or a data center operator or a managed service provider, Epiphany Data Center Infrastructure Management enables you to manage, monitor and act from anywhere or any device, securely. All your capacity KPIs, IT device management, alarms, access control permissions and CCTV video stream at your fingertips.

By securely monitoring data centers including Branch circuits, PUD/iPDUs, CRACs, Environment Sensors, IT devices and Electronic Door Locks – all from a single web browser or via Epiphany Data Center Infrastructure Management app which provides the information and controls you need to fully utilize your existing infrastructure resources while alerting you to troubleshoot before it causes service outage.