AAA Software Solutions

A robust AAA server is a preliminary requirement to propel the growth that comes with the launch of new services and an increasing subscriber base. Epiphany AAA Software Solutions is the answer to the aggressive and ever growing access control, service delivery, and accounting requirements of carriers, service providers, and wireless operators. Be it wireless or Wireline internet access, outsourced remote access, managed VPNs, broadband, VoIP or any other combination of services, Epiphany AAA Solutions centrally manages the authentication of the subscribers, authorizes them for appropriate level of service, and ensure reliable accounting of their usage.

Epiphany AAA Solutions supports multiple data sources like LDAP, Flat File, and RDBMS etc. By default OTS solution comes with embedded RDBMS and hence the same is used as a default data source unless there are any external third party data sources to be interfaced with. Multiple network elements like Wi-Fi Access Controllers, BNGs/BRAS, PDSN, GGSN, PDN GW etc. are also supported for over protocols like RADIUS etc. Epiphany AAA also stores CDRs as per Telecom Regulatory requirements.

Epiphany AAA Software Solutions supports various policies like Access Policy, Concurrent Login Policy, Authorization Policy, Session Management Policy etc. within the Policy Manager module. Epiphany AAA server maintains logs in real time. Epiphany AAA Software stores live session information like session id, session duration etc.

Epiphany AAA Solutions supports multiple authentication methods such as PAP, CHAP, PEAP, LEAP, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS etc. The proxy management component enables the Epiphany AAA server to act as a proxy server and forward the authentication related requests to any target server.

The system’s interoperability can also be extended with 3rd-party Vendor Specific Attributes (VSAs), many of which it comes pre-configured with. In addition, Epiphany AAA Software Solutions APIs allow integration with external provisioning, OSS/BSS and portal systems.