Selecting the right IT Services Partner for support on Servers is always a very difficult and tedious exercise.

With a team of OEM certified engineers and a commitment to continuous technical skills upgrade, we have developed unique capabilities to become a leading multi-vendor support organization. Our customer-centric approach and CUSTOMER FIRST philosophy are at the core of our success. We specialize in offering customized SLAs for AMC Annual Maintenance Contract for IT services and Server AMC services Provider at a more cost-effective rate than the OEMs' prices.

As a leading provider of Server AMC Services and Storage Annual Maintenance Contracts for Networks & Servers, we boast extensive experience in managing IT infrastructure products such as Servers, Storage, and Network devices. Our expertise extends to handling EOSL (end of service life) products from various OEMs. What sets us apart is our ability to offer highly flexible and customizable support SLAs, including NBD, SBD, 6 CTR and 24X7 coverage, tailored to meet the specific needs of our valued customers.

Offering support SLAs that can be customized to customers’ needs. Some of the standard SLAs offered are NBD, SBD, 6 CTR, etc. with 24X7 coverage

Ensuring significant cost reduction by:

  • Extending services on EOSL devices, from all OEMs, thereby avoiding expensive tech refresh
  • Offering an attractive discount on multiple-year AMC contracts
  • Ensuring a 30-50% reduction in the AMC cost as compared to the cost offered by OEMs