Log Management System

Log messages contain information about the events happening on the hosts. Monitoring system events is essential for security and system health monitoring reasons. The original syslog protocol separates messages based on the priority of the message and the facility sending the message. These two parameters alone are often inadequate to consistently classify messages, as many applications might use the same facility, and the facility itself is not even included in the log message. Epiphany Universal Log Management System collects log messages from a wide variety of devices and applications and can transfer them to a central logging server. You can view the messages to simplify further analysis and processing. Finally, you can store your logs in files or databases, and view them based on a search criteria.

Epiphany ULMS includes a centralized, easy-to-use web console to view, search, and filter syslog messages. The web console provides syslog display views you can customize according to your filter criteria. You can download data based on the search criteria.