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OlaTech Solutions Carrier Grade Wi-Fi Subscriber Platform (WSP) is an innovative and customizable solution that enables venue owners and enterprises to build personalized engagement platform with existing as well as prospective customers using wireless internet network. WSP has been designed to provide seamless on-boarding experience to customers visiting at public venues and accessing Wi-Fi.

The solution is capable to identify the location of the customer and based on the usage trends, it can provide in-depth information about the customers' usage trends, access frequency and purchase interests. With the help of in-depth information of the customer, superior Wi-Fi experience and brand focused compelling deals can be offered. The solution offers innovative

Wi-Fi monetization business cases which help in offering differentiating experience to customers. WSP is a scalable, customizable and flexible solution which can be personalized as per your business segment and requirements.

End-to-End solution

The carrier WiFi solution contains everything you need to launch and monetize new WiFi services, as well as to scale, adapt, and compete as a market leader in WiFi services.


A vendor agnostic solution allows you to choose best-of-breed technologies and interoperability top WiFi radio manufacturers demonstrate agility, reducing cost and risk.


OlaTech works directly with mobile operators and internet service providers to transform high-performance WiFi networks into a strategic revenue stream. The carrier WiFi solution is built to address major challenges such as ROI, costs of operation, and integration with existing networks.


Key Features:

Business Models:

To help you reach your “WiFi everywhere” goals, OlaTech supports several business cases:

Free WiFi

  • Time-based offers
  • Speed-based offers
  • Usage- or volume-based offers
  • Video advertisement
  • SMS authentication
  • Survey forms
  • Social data capture
  • Location-specific branding
  • Location-based offers and promotions

Premium WiFi

  • Volume-, time-, and speed-based offers
  • Promotional and paid passes
  • Payment gateway integration

Public WiFi Key Business Use cases

Mobile Data Offload (MDO):

MDO easily and securely supplements your cellular network’s capacity, helping alleviate spectrum congestion and utilize spectrum more effectively.

Key Benefits of MDO:

  • Lowers operational costs
  • Eliminates coverage gaps
  • Reduces network congestion
  • Secure, easy, and automatic
  • Improves customer experience
  • Maximizes revenue potential