Services / Managed service

As part of Managed Services, OlaTech Solutions provides:

  • Skill Personnel to work under your direction to help, manage & support your IT Infrastructure and applications
  • Skilled professionals to help you manage fluctuating skill needs & skill gaps
  • Changing staffing needs to meet aggressive project time lines
  • Qualified & Certified resources in Key Technologies

A resilient technology acts as a backbone to all your organizations operations. We understand your unique business requirements and help you to attain a resilient technology infrastructure. Our process of Professional Technology Services range from Consulting, Deployment, Design, Customization, and Audit will ensure constant review of your technology landscape to help you deliver the enhanced cost efficient technology upgrades.

Olatech Solutions

Our Applications Managed Services Team comes with extensive expertise in managing the entire Application Landscape including development support and maintenance across support levels from L0 to L3 (wherein we co-ordinate with other OEMs of standard applications) to ensure business continuity. We enable our customers to focus on their core business while we ensure that their applications – both core and non-core, as well as custom applications function seamlessly. Once a certain level of stability is reached, our team works on improvements such as intelligent automation to accelerate efficiency and reduce human intervention.

Our expertise in right-fit talent sourcing, in-house training and learning, and experience in Applications and Infrastructure management enables us to cater to the Managed Services requirements of our customers. We take over from an incumbent vendor and stabilize operations in the quickest possible time. The improvement phase kicks in post stabilization and it enables us to accelerate returns on investments for our customers by deploying automation, process efficiency, security, and artificial intelligence-based solutions.