It makes sense for privileged accounts to be the most vulnerable becausecompromised accounts can grant unfettered access to your organization’sIT infrastructure. That’s why many high-profile breaches have resultedfrom unmanaged and unmonitored privileged accounts. The attackersresponsible often gain administrative control through a single endpoint—and always leave substantial damage in their wake.

Whether the privilege misuse occurs at the hands of an employee, or isthe work of a cyber-criminal who has leveraged the access credentials ofan insider to gain access to your IT network, you can best manage thisrisk by closely controlling and monitoring what privileged users, such assuper-users and database administrators, are doing with their access.

Epiphany PAM is a comprehensive solution to fully secure your user lifecycle. It enables you to secure passwords, protect endpoints and keep privileged accounts safe and out of the hands of would-be impostors.

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