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Enterprise Service Management solution delivers a comprehensive management across data center networks. The solution converts meaningless network data to actionable information to keep your network, and your business moving. The solution delivers a scalable, flexible, and robust Assurance and Fulfilment Manager. It consolidates Network and Element Management Systems from multiple equipment vendors, and unifies and integrates multiple management domains across wireless, wireline, IP, and IT environments. This supports a wide range of standards and management protocols. The combination of products and solutions forms the basis of the automated operations solution. The solution provides total visibility of operations and services, accelerates problem resolution, and detects issues before they impact your customers, resulting in significant cost savings and better customer satisfaction—an advantage over your competitors. The ITSM module of this solution alleviates the challenges faced by IT companies by providing a solution that automates key IT business processes for increased IT efficiency thereby reducing the IT operations cost and providing a rich and enhanced user experience.