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Epiphany AAA solution is a highly scalable, high performance, access agnostic centralized server management for verifying user authentication requests and centrally enforcing and managing policies and profiles to control access to services across multiple networks. Epiphany AAA solution enables operators’ administrators centrally manage the authentication of subscribers, devices & authorizes them for appropriate level of service and ensures reliable accounting of usage.

Epiphany AAA offers a pre-integrated platform that allows operators with a wider choice, greater flexibility and addresses a wide range of access networks such as 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, WiFi, DSL, Cable, FTTx etc. It is compliant to the 3GPP, IPv4, IPv6 specifications with approved standards of IETF, ETSI and ANSI. Epiphany AAA makes policy enforcement decisions in real time based on the services, network resources, subscriber profile and service level agreement to ensure QoS and bandwidth allocation.

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