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Billing System Solutions TRANSFORMATION

A Digital Telco goes beyond convergence of networks and services, it involves changes in ways TSPs interact with their customer, use of Analytical intelligence and reinventing business processes that is lean, agile and ensures faster time to market keeping customer at the centre of it all thus staying relevant to customers. A unique, converged billing and revenue management solution for various services like – high speed prepaid postpaid data, VoIP, Triple play, VAS etc. over multiple networks like fixed, broadband, mobile, ADSL enabling operator to smartly capitalize on new revenue growth opportunities and launch future services like 4G, 5G etc. The dynamic platform enables a 360 degree single customer view for service providers and offers functionalities such as multi-level hierarchy management, real-time charging of complex data, voice and video services. OTS Billing System Solutions Transformation provides a scalable, modern, convergent, and virtualizable network environment. It empowers service providers to automate workflows and processes and readily introduce advanced offers ahead of the competition while creating a complete digital experience for subscribers. Operators can efficiently create, launch, deliver, and manage services within hours.

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