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Olatech Solutions AAA provides a single platform for broadband, mobile, WiFi, and M2M/IoT segments, streamlining operations and reducing the total cost of ownership. OTS AAA offers a highly scalable, extendable, Interoperable AAA solution with support for both Radius and Diameter capabilities, operators get the advantage of being faster to market with new services and plans. AAA open API enables smooth integration with other systems such as Billing, Self-Care Portal, mediation etc. Highly customizable, modular and work flow based AAA system promises to meet unseen futuristic requirement. The solution provides standards-based 3GPP interfaces with dual-stack RADIUS and Diameter capabilities, along with REST and SOAP APIs to support smooth integrations across any network and access technology. Intuitive user-friendly web portal for configuration, managing subscriber profiles, access policies, external systems integrations, and many more.